NIITECH CO., LTD.|Our Strength

Our Strength

We do not simply make things, but also review products
from various perspectives and angles such as functionality, productivity, and cost,
in order to provide services that suit the times, based on our desire to
"deliver satisfaction and happiness to our customers through our products".

Strengths of NIITECH

Strengths of NIITECH

1 Mobility (Speed)
We see time performance as an important value for providing services and we respond speedily.

2 Accuracy and Honesty
We value reliable relationships with each other and respond to requests and problems with sincerity.

3 Proposal Capability
We will make proposals based on the needs and seeds of the times while utilizing the experience and knowledge gained over 80 years in business.

Attitude toward Monozukuri

Attitude toward Monozukuri

We value Monozukuri as a "creative thing which has expertise" under the keyword "Crafters Arts". We are conscious of acquiring the knowledge and skills to respond to times and customer needs, as well as improving an environment to utilize that knowledge and skills. Each department corporates to respond to various needs of customers speedily.



Crafters Arts ―匠藝道―

In order to contribute to society through the creation of new value,
we move forward every day with a creative mind,
a spirit of challenge and an awareness as engineers.


Thinking Ability to understand needs

Thinking Ability to understand needs

Not only do we meet customers' needs, but we also develop products that are unique to NIITECH.
In order to tailor to potential customer needs, we analyze and examine products from the perspective of sales, design and development, prototype, manufacturing, and mechanisms, and deliver even better services.

*NIDS = Niitech Integrate Digital System NIDS is Niitech's internal system for planning, delivery date management, and collection and analysis of products and cost data through ERP and PMS.


Technical skills to make seeds happen

In order to increase production efficiency and reduce manpower, we actively adopt the latest technologies and systems that suit the current times.
We use our many years of know-how and technical skills to review manufacturing processes and develop products that incorporate new technologies.

Robotic Transfer Press Lines

Robotic Transfer Press Lines

Compared to large transfer presses, the total cost can be reduced. For instance, through-production that links processes, automatic quality checks of products by camera, and lines with servo presses that can be finely controlled are effectively used depending on the purposes.


MSW (Multi Skilled Welding)

Two different parts are produced simultaneously on one assembly line and the finished product is automatically stored in a storage container. It realized both a reduction of the operator's load and highly efficient production.

Production management systems(image)

Production management systems

The system for managing and analyzing production status properly has been introduced. By remotely managing the latest status between bases, it is able to grasp defects in the manufacturing processes and production status at an early stage. Therefore, it enables flexible response. (This picture is just an image. )

Technologies we can offer (example)

We efficiently process materials such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and plastics depending on the purpose.
We also handle research on other processing technologies.
Please contact us for more information even if the items are not on the list.

Design Product Development Prototyping Metal Stamping
Steel Formwork Forging Form Processing Injection Molding
Embossing Special Welding Processing of High Tensile Strength Steel Processing of 980 MPa-class High Tensile Strength Steel

PICKUPRobotic Transfer Press Line - Aiming to be the World's Fastest SPM


In 2008, NIITECH introduced a robotic transfer press line that uses a multi-axis on the tandem line to transfer products between presses.

Robotic transfer press lines have the advantage of being low-cost and space-saving to introduce. However, on the other hand, it takes a longer time to change over and SPM is low compared to the transfer press.
We have overcome this weak point by using our accumulated know-how and on-site adjustment and teaching verification, and have built an original press line that is equivalent to a large transfer line.

Since its introduction, new robotic transfer lines have been added while accumulating know-how to increase production speed and reduce manpower.
The robotic transfer press line combines high rigidity and SPM to deliver services tailored to customer needs.

SPM: Shots (Stroke) Per Minute, the number of press operations per minute.

  Features of the Robotic Transfer Press Line
Introduction of
servo presses

This servo press is able to change the speed of the press itself. Therefore, it makes it possible to change the speed together with the robotic transport like slowing the speed when the robot is operating and fastening the speed after the robot is operated. This saves the electricity consumption. Additionally, it can also operate in reverse. Therefore, it enables pendulum operation and eliminates wasteful stroke and it allows severe timing adjustments.

Robotic Lines
with Straight-side Frames

While a typical robot transfer press line consists of a C-frame, NIITECH's new robot transfer press line consists of a straight-side frame (gantry) press. This makes it possible to process parts under pressure that is not possible with a C-frame and enables the production of parts that would normally have to be produced on a large transfer press but on a tandem robot line.

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