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NIITECH's Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to create new value and contribute to society through Monozukuri.

In order to provide even better services, we have formulated our Mission/Vision/Values as our corporate philosophy based on the survey of our employees.

This is the basis of our thinking to make proposals tailored to customer needs and that enable our employees to work with pride and confidence.


MISSION|The mission of NIITECH

Bringing Smiles and Happiness
to the World

By providing high-quality products and services, we are aiming to be selected and delighted by customers around the world. Then we will make our business partners, communities, families and all people involved with NIITECH happy and contribute to the creation of a society full of smiles.

VISION|The vision that NIITECH aims for

Opening the Door
to the World and the Future

We open the door to the next generation with traditional technology, and creativity that creates new values. We will continue to pursue quality that is trusted, aim to be a company that is selected and loved by the world, and take on the challenge of manufacturing ahead of the future.

VALUE|The values that guide our actions

Passion, Speed and Belief

The NIITECH WAY is a passion for dedicating ourselves to the challenge. It is a posture of not stopping and working through to the end with a sense of speed. It is a belief in careful and honest manufacturing.

About the Logo

The NIITECH logotype expresses the company's honest desire for Monozukuri with a bold and stable typeface. The letter 'T' is designed to incorporate one of our main products, the hinge.

The logo's motif is the owl. It is a symbol of wisdom and happiness all over the world, and in Japan, the owl has auspicious meanings such as 'good luck' when written in phonetic kanji (Chinese characters).
Like the owl, which can cover a 360-degree field of vision by turning its neck widely, the logo expresses our desire to be of service to everyone with a broad perspective.

The NIITECH logo expresses our pride in our products and our desire to provide better services by taking a bird's eye view of things and understanding our customers' needs. By making use of our daily ingenuity and ideas, and by taking on new challenges, we create useful value for the world and contribute to society.


Logotype, Logomark (owl)



As the times change and the way we perceive changes,
we also will evolve to reach even greater heights.
To aim higher and tailor to society's needs as one,
we will create new values together with the diversification of mobility.

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